From 15th February, FASTag will be required for everyone, what is FASTag and how to charge it

From 15th February, FASTag will be required for everyone, what is FASTag and how to charge it
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From 15th February, FASTag will be required for everyone, know all information about, what is FASTag and how to charge it. If you are going through any toll plaza on the National Highway in the country from 15th February, you will need FASTag to make the toll payment. The government has been enforcing it since February 15. Payment will have to be made through FASTag at more than 720 toll plazas on National Highways across the country. After February 15, you will not be able to make cash payments at any cost.

What is a FASTag?

FASTag operates as an electronic payment system. It has been developed by the National Paying Corporation of India (NPCI). FASTag is a sticker that appears inside the mirror in front of your vehicle. The barcode attached to it contains information about the vehicle, and the toll is paid automatically using radio frequency identification (RFID) technology while crossing the National Highway toll plaza.

What are the benefits of FASTag?

FASTag has many benefits. It completes the payment process quickly, and you don’t have to interrupt it. This makes it easier to set up train lines at the toll booth without having to wait for the toll to be paid. This results in the transparency of the system and there is no dispute about the amount of the fee. Line failure prevents fuel wastage and reduces pollution.

Where to buy FASTag and what is its price?

Here are several options to purchase FASTag. It can be purchased at many paid outlets in the country. It can also be purchased from Amazon, Paytm, etc. Consequently, it is also sold through many banks.

The amount of FASTag depends on two things. The one for which you are buying the vehicle. Car, jeep, van, bus or truck, etc. Second, where he buys, he has determined the amount. NHAI has fixed the price at 200 rupees. Consequently, banks also offer some offers.

How to charge FASTag?

It has two options. As a first option, it can be charged via Internet banking, credit or debit cards, using the bank’s publisher FASTag wallet. Second, any bank FASTag can be charged from mobile wallets such as Paytm and Phone Pay.

What is the validity of FASTag?

FASTag is valid for 5 years from the date of issue. There is no time limit on the validity of a charge made to a FASTag account and it remains valid until the expiry of the FASTag.

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