Priyanka Chopra Jonas memoir ‘Unfinished’ will hit the bookshelves

Priyanka Chopra Jonas memoir ‘Unfinished’ will hit the bookshelves
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Priyanka Chopra Jonas memoir ‘Unfinished’ will hit the bookshelves. Priyanka Chopra’s memoir titled “Unfinished” is filled with stories about her life and career.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas’ new memoir titled “Unfinished” is stuffed with humorous anecdotes, heartbreaking stories, and new revelations about her life and career.

The book, released on February 9, details the 38-year-old actor’s childhood in India (and abroad) and her rise to fame. Though Chopra Jonas has previously talked about many milestones in her life, she’s even more outspoken and vulnerable in “Unfiltered.”

Here are the most surprising details from Chopra Jonas’ memoir.

1. She felt abandoned when her parents sent her to boarding school at 7 years old.

Parents Ashok and Madhu Chopra sent their daughter to La Martiniere Girls’ College.

Chopra Jonas says in chapter two of her book that the feeling of being abandoned lasted for a prolonged period of time and she struggled to adjust to her new living situation.

Each time her mom visited her at the school was traumatizing and resulted in plenty of tears, so her parent was told to stop visiting because it was making the experience more difficult for Chopra Jonas.

After going six months without visits from her mom, she stopped questioning why she was sent there in the first place and “began to settle in” and thrive.

2. She got escorted out of the Museum of Modern Art as a teen when she reached out and touched Van Gogh’s famed ‘Starry Night’ painting.

In chapter three, Chopra Jonas talks about visiting the MoMa with her relatives after moving to Queens, NY. She recalled being “utterly fascinated by the deep swirls of color and texture” in Van Gogh’s art, so much so that she reached out and touched it.

3. At 14 years old, she stuffed her then-boyfriend in her closet to avoid getting caught by her aunt who she was living with at the time in America.

After living in NY, Chopra Jonas and her relatives rejoined other family members in Indianapolis, Indiana. There, she met her first boyfriend, who she refers to in her novel as “Bob” to protect his privacy.

Because Chopra Jonas wasn’t allowed to date, she circumvented the rule by confining their relationship to school grounds.

The actress says that she tried to “outsmart” her clever aunt Kiran on many occasions, which only fueled her suspicions. Chopra Jonas’ sneaking around caught up to her when her aunt showed up at the house earlier than usual one afternoon, just as she and her boyfriend were about to have their first kiss together on her couch.

4. Her dad had wrought iron bars installed on the windows of their house after a guy followed her home after tutoring, jumped their gate, and climbed to the balcony of her room.

5. At one point, her goal was to study aeronautical engineering at a college in Australia.

“I’d always been fascinated by the physics and modern technology,” the star writes in chapter four of her book.

The memoir aims to take readers through Chopra Jonas’ childhood in India; her teenage years in the US, living with extended family in the Midwest, Queens, and suburban Boston, to her return to India, where she unexpectedly won the national and global beauty pageants (Miss India and Miss World) that launched her acting career.

The actor went on to star in movies like “Aitraaz”, “Fashion”, “Barfi!”, “Mary Kom”, for which she earned the best actress National Award, and “Bajirao Mastani”, among others.

After spending over a decade in the Hindi film industry, she headed to the West with ABC series “Quantico”

She is set to star in the Netflix film “The White Tiger”, on which she also serves as an executive producer alongside Emmy-winning director Ava DuVernay.

The actor is also set to star in “The Matrix 4”, Amazon thriller series “Citadel”, produced by Russo Brothers, and “Sangeet”, an unscripted series co-produced with her husband, singer Nick Jonas.

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